Saturday, 4 February 2012

Does lying really save lives?

I read Lying Saves Lives by ElizabethFluorishinginProgress ages ago.
You gotta be wondering, So what are you doing writing a post that's evidently a kinda sequel to that?
If you didn't know better yet, I have a slow brain. It just occurs to me that I could add a little something (for this case, it's my not-even-a-penny-worth of opinion; sad, I know, but what can I do?) to it. If it even needs one in the first place.
You see, if I'm even in the right mind, I wouldn't have the guts to do what I'm doing right now? Who the hell do I think I am, an unpublished writer, that I can do a better job than a published writer? But, I'm very much clear-headed. The only explanation is that, either I'm bored or desperate or both.
I'm bored because I've nothing to do (either reading or blogging; the downside of blogging is that its activities are slow as snails). I'm desperate because I need to do my homework(blogging) right now, because I can predict, in near future, I'll be to busy to do it anymore, so this's a small compensation to my dear readers for it.
Back to topic.
It suddenly striked me, for no reason at all, that the lying meant, could also be applied on the lying that we humans almost always do to blind ourselves to the reality. (Okay, I'm lying; there's a reason for these sentiments, it's because of the movie again. Remember, the movie?)
First, let me give you a short recap of the another part of the story that I did not give you in my earlier post.
There was a bitter rivalry between two movie stars. As usual, there's one good guy and one bad guy. Or girls for that matter. Well, the bad guy, or girl, kept thinking of tricks to stamp out the good girl. In her one last attempt, she got herself burnt instead (when she had wanted to burn the good girl to death). It was her acts that had end herself up into such a situation, but, in the end, she made herself believe that it was the good girl who had want to burn her. And, as a result of her hatred, fury and bitterness, she went almost crazy, and shot the good girl to death. She herself ended up in prison, and perhaps the loony bin. Finally, I don't think she was ever released from her own cycle of pain, suffering and hatred that she had trapped herself inside. The good girl might have died, but she was happy and peaceful. But the bad girl? Who was the victorious one in the end? Who had the last laugh?
In the end, it was ironic.
It was horrifying that we humans could lie to ourselves like that.
I finally understand that why they say, our worst enemy is ourselves.
For all we can say or accuse of, nobody could trapped us in unhappiness, if we choose not too. In truth, we are the ones who trapped ourselves.
We are the ones who determine our happiness.
Don't be narrow-minded; never trapped yourselves.
And be happy.


  1. i love your positivity. good going, girl.

    & can you tell me the movie name, pretty pls? you can whisper it to me. -leans-

    1. Oh really? Sometimes I feel that I'm too positive to the point of being superficial...

      It's a kinda drama that's pretty boring. If I made it sounds interesting, that's prob coz of my superb writing skills...XP


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