Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm tagged!

Thank you Vikki! For tagging me. Though, very unfortunately, I'm only able to do post about it now, as I've been busy lately...And I'm going to be for quite a period of time, so it's going to be tough for me for a while to keep up this blog...but never fear! I loved blogging too much to give it up!(Could you believe it?! While everyone's crazy about facebook and ipod, I'm obssessing about blog!!! And only recently too, since I just sign up for it last year...Talk about weird?!)'ll all have to bear with me for the time being...until I get my footing back! Hope you don't mind.

Just a short note before I continue...Thank you everyone! All of my followers!(I'm a bit rushed right I couldn't type out all the names. But I will soon. When I get some time! It's not a bother! Coz you're all awesome!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ok. So onward to my post(answering question).

1. What thing have you written that you’re most proud of?
Nothing. Ok.  I did write something. All in progress.
??? Wondering? Well, how can you say you're most proud of something you wrote, when you only like bits and parts of it?! Yup, I'm my own worst critic...The problem is I think most part of why I never like the stuff I write is because I'm tired of it all. Too much editing...(But how else can I perfect it?!) Aha! Beta readers/critique partners. Vikki...? No pressure.
2. What are you working on at the moment?
Nothing. Just my blog...oh wait. Not even my blog. I'm busy adjusting to uni life...and eventually my boring and busy studies. Perhaps there's time for something exciting like blogging/reading...?
3. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
Sadly, I'm a gal who never had that foresight/planning? I want to be successful. Does that say something/answer that question? Unfortunately to my parents, no.
4. You buy an old lamp, whilst cleaning it a genie appears…you know the rest lol. Your 3 wishes are?
Happy and lucky?! I think that's a lot of a job for that genie.
5. List 2 of your bad habits? Come on, we all have some.
Lazy. And very unmotivated. (That's why works are always labelled WIP!!!)
6. If you were a superhero, what special power would you have?
Teleportation. Imagine being able to travel around the world without any costs...tempting.
7. Tell us the name of one of your characters, one you really like?
Argh. I can't. There's too many. =/ And I don't do favouritism. Lest I hurt their(the characters) feelings.
8. What scares you?
Paranormal. I don't like to feel out of control.
9. Sum up your personality in 3 words?
Boringly imaginatively clumsy?! Does that make sense?!
10. Name 2 of your vices?
11. Do you have a pet peeve/hate? What is it?
My mom always told me, that hate is a very strong word. Never use it. So no.

Due to the time factor, I'll not be able to tag others, so I'll have to break the rules...sorry!

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