About Me

Hmmm...well...here are some interesting ( or maybe not!) facts about me:

  1. I'm an Asian brought and raised in the Southeast Asia region.
  2. I am the oldest amongst the youngest...and the youngest amongst the oldest. (Soon to be not true!)
  3. I once thought that I could never ever write a word of poem...and then I tried my hand by writing about what I know most and feel strongly about most...it turned out ok (I guess). My masterpiece can be found in About Me--Round Two!!!!!! =))
  4. I was once wrongly (HUGE emphasis on wrongly!) accused of cheating. *Sharp intake of breath*
  5. I'm confused about who I am...because once, someone told me I'm boring...and then the other one told me I'm exciting! *Ahem...*
  6. This fact, again, connects me with exams. (I suddenly realized I'm in chaos around exams!) I once did the wrong paper during exam and I didn't know about it until it was over and when my friend discuss about it after that! (Luckily, I got a retest. Who said Asian's way of comparing answers and competing are no good?! It saved me, big time.)
  7. Ok, this is a BIG revelation (and a humiliatating one). For a person who is so lacking in confidence (that is me), I can be quite vain sometimes. I used to think that I can sing like the likes of Marieh Carey and Celine Dion and used to love singing and singing out loud in showers and in bedrooms...until I realized I couldn't and stop singing after that, immediately, from embarrassment. Though now I sing occassionslly to release some stress, BUT I am NEVER EVER going to sing in front of people.
  8. On the bright side, I love to draw (second to writing), and did them quite well. I once did a potrait of my cousins (NOT naked ones!) and everyone agree they are beautiful. *Pat in the back*
  9. Ohhh~this is a fascinating one...I hope you won't think I'm childish...but I like Power Rangers. Seriously. In fact, what's most interesting is that I had only start watching it when I'm quite old (I'm not telling you when!) so...
  10. Apart from that of the above, I also had kept an imaginary friend called Sally till now. Serious. To be honest, I have a bunch. ( And I LOVE them! I don't care what you thought about them; I'm keeping everyone of them!)
  11. Hmmm...this one...I don't know how to say it. Guess I'll say it as it is~I think I have DID (Dissociative Identity Diosorder)!
Well, that's all for now. The others...well...I will either reveal them occassionally on my blog posts or update it here...so if you are interested, be sure to check them out! Thanks, everyone.


  1. Nice blog! :) I'm looking forward to reading more!

  2. Thank you! As well as me yours. :)


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