Friday, 22 July 2011

About Me--Round TWO!!!!!! =))

I Like Me

I am not thin but not fat,
I am not beautiful but not ugly (I guess),
I am not wise but not ignorant,
I am not smart but no fool,
I am no saint but no devil (it's true!);

I like me because...
I'm just right.

Sometimes I feel sad but comforted,
Sometimes I feel tired but at peace,
Sometimes I feel frustrated but soothed,
Sometimes I am afraid but assured,
Sometimes I feel no one understands me,
and yet I am understood.
Sometimes I hate yet love myself.

I am self-contradictory,
but self-assured.

I am simple, I guess, in some kind of a way,
and I am loved and cared for and feel true joy...
And that's why I like me.

But, simply,
I like me because...
I am me! ( And that's as special as I can be!)


  1. I like you too, because you're you!
    And because you helped me to tackle the comment-problem!


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