Thursday, 21 July 2011

Finally...this day had come

A few days before today, I had just started my own blog, and then wrote my first blog.

Everyday, I went and open my own blog, with expectations, a  rapture, fervent hope burning within me...only to be crushed again and again. That disappoinment lodged deep in my throat; I couldn't breathe, I couldn't swallow, I couldn't think. Numb, cold, desolate. And even fear perhaps.

Then, today, TODAY came. Rountinely, I opened my blog and immediately was overwhelmed with a feeling of utmost pleasure, excitement, rapture, bliss, and most of all, gratitude. Today, suddenly, is filled with newfound hope.

Prenter. She is my follower, my newest drive and reason towards writing.

I do not think everything I wrote was good enough; but you, Prenter, made me realised one thing; it's that we, all of us bloggers are united with one thing...and that is passion in writing. No matter what we write, whether it is meaningful, or inspiring, or anything wonderful or just plainly nothing of the above...but we are always going to love writing.

And most of all, we are we; no one can be us, and that's what made us special. What we write defines us; its speaks of our identity, our dreams, our feelings and experience, and is filled with our very own essence.

Though it may seem that no one appreciates us, but, one day, someone will. Because we are we, and we are special.

Thank you, Prenter, for making me realised that. Thank you.


  1. You are so right: "What we write defines us". Be sure I'm reading all your posts and I like this one the most, untill now.
    I am not very good in giving comments, but that does not mean I don't appreciate your blog! Please, keep on writing!

  2. Thank you, Prenter! That's very encouraging! And you don't have to be good ingiving comments; just know a simple ' love it!' goes a long way! And you just made me exactly that feeling that time when I was writing this particular post!Thank you so much!And be sure that I'll be reading yours too every time. =)
    p/s. sorry for the late reply.


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