Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Second Chance. For me.

I've, again, violated my strict code.
But I simply must write this. I have absolutely no idea why the hell I wrote a post last night. Not to mention, a crappy and nonsensical one. Probably because it was midnight the time I wrote it. Since when had I become so 'alienated' from staying up late at night?
This post is inspired by Fluorish in Progress (yet again; I hope you don't mind that I 'steal' your idea--my bad), AND, another new blogger that I'd noticed at Fluorish in Progress 'Disqus' section--Tabitha.
I'm not going to write about my Joe...(because its going to take me a long time to write, and time is running out for me!Yes, I happened to have a time restriction in writing this posts)...but, I'm going to thank them for opening my eyes and thus gave me some reassurance.

I've come to a point where I'm at a crossroad of my life; suffice to say, I'm kind of worried that I'm making a wrong decision. It didn't help when I'd to read about a book(school syllabus) of a young boy who had make a wrong decision, and he ended up greying and dissatisfied. ( though, this is not the point of reading that book. I think.)
I'm SCARED. Especially when I'm uncertain of what to do with my life; my parents make it a point to decide for me. Come to think of it, even if I do have an idea, I suspect it might not be 'agreeable' to them. When the hell had it become so hard to choose? I used to be able to choose McD over KFCor vice versa according to my eating mood, etc. Now, I don't even know what my options are. I'm afraid, I would mess up my life by taking a wrong step, but I don't know if my parents idea is good after all, for me.

Then, a miracle happened. Both Fluorish in Progress and Tabitha chose this exact momet, correctly, to reveal their stories. In a way, they ARE my Joes. I might still not know what I want, but, at least I'm reassured that, no matter what, everyone DOES have a second chance. I might still be worried, but at least not trapped in a paralysing fear.

You guys, are wonderful. Thank you, guys!

I FAILED. Big time.

I promised myself that I'll never blog this year due to exams...but I surrendered. It first started with a peek at other blogs...then, without 'permission' to write, I suddenly turned into a big self-critic. I suddenly become very picky about my blog...and started customizing it.

Could you believe that I'd wasted a whole two hours doing just this? Of which could be better spent on studying. *Grimace*No need to chid me; my bad.

Oh well, what's done done. Might as well spend the remainding time admiring my finishing touches on the customization of my blog, which could probably give me extra jibes for studying. Tell me I'm right, please?

Anyways, what do you guys think of my 'brand-new' blog? It might not be very me, after all, I'm still searching for 'that' touch, which I still can't quite grasp yet. PLUS, I simply MUST REALLY STOP NOW. Time to study.

p/s. I AM still blogging-barred. Anyone could suggest how I could stop itching to blog?!