About my blog

"For everything, there's a beginning and an end. But, journey's what it counts."

Most people are obssessed with their successes. Of what they had achieved. Including me. Only a handful could ever come to terms and appreciate their roots...and their journeys. And these are the ones that had made it to the top.

It took me quite a while to realize this...though the truth had knocked me around my head, almost senseless, till now.

So I started this blog. Journey in Writing.

Its not just about my journey in life, either. It's a combination of my past experiences and life lessons, my family's upbringing and regal traditions that I'll try my best to hold true, my passions, my dreams and the possible course, lessons and experiences, and actions that I'm going to undertake in my upcoming future life. A combination of embracing my roots...and cherishing my journey.

Thus, the journey, in writing--as in my life as a human and writer, written in my blog.

Here, I share with you, my everything...but most of all my journey, that has made me who I am today. Hope its good enough for you. *Winks*

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