Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Why did it happened?

Norway  Attacks

The news, that shock the whole world to its core.

Reading that, all I could do was to sit there, all numb, staring into the space. Cold. Emotionless. Blank. I did not know what to think, what to feel. Ok, I did; there was and still is only one word in my mind. Why? Why?! WHY?!

68 people. 68 young people. All of them active , strong, healthy, with a passion burning strong in their heart. They have dreams, ambitions, goals to achieve; they have hope, ideas, thoughts to contribute to the society; all gone, gone, in the form of bullets. All gone in the instant when that spark of their life ended.

According to Norwegian laws, the killer would probably only sat in the prison for 30+ years. But is that enough? Will the pain and anguish of their parents be truly appeased?

Not long ago, I had supported and agreed to the Norwegian laws; to heal, to amend, to redeem rather than to punish. But now, I'm not so sure. Sure, we wanted him to pay for everything he had done, to punish him, but, does it make a difference? Will the dead be resurrected? Will the pain be truly and completely assuaged? I'm sure all of you are more aware of it than you are prepared to admit. And yet, to let him go, just like this, doesn't feel right. It does not give that warning, that exhortion that might, perhaps, stop future happenings of this kind. It does not avenge the dead.

And what happens after this? No one knows; emptiness, perhaps. Life's uncertain, and we should appreciate it while it is still in our grasps. There's nothing much we can do, but pay our condolences, pay our tributes and commemorations in memory of the dead. Let us pray for them, and continue to strive for our lives and dreams, just as they had when living and still wanting. Let us do whatever we can to contribute to the society and show to the world the power of youths.


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