Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Still myself

Ok. I just changed my title...because I realised that this blog isn't just about me, its about writing! Ok, maybe it is , but I want to write about more substantial things...though I do realized that so far, my blogs have been personal, as I have been quite a sentimental and emotional person.
I've been following Writing Out Loud, and I'm can't help admired the blogger...because not only her writing skills are wonderful, but most importantly, they inspire, they motivate, they touch your heart and they are thought-provoking...I realized that I've a long way before I could be that good but I'm going to keep on trying and trying.
This is again a crappy blog, but I happened to realize it as a means for me to vent out my frustration, pour out my feelings, so that, at the end of this blog, I would feel rejuvenated and refreshing. Pardon my over-imaginative mind, if that's how you want to put it, but the day seems to look a lot better.
I WILL improve on my blog...BUT, unfortunately, if you want to follow my blog, you will still have to bear my incoherent, talking-to-myself piece of crap blogging! 'Coz they come as a package.
In the end, this is not much, but, it is to me. So, to whoever who's reading it, if you even exist, THANK YOU. =) ( And also thank you to my dear blog for 'listening').
p/s. By the way, could anyone of you give some tips on how to improve on my blog? Anything that could have help. Thanks anyway for being there. =D

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