Monday, 25 July 2011


Since I was born, I had been and still am a bookish sort of person. It was only recently that I had started to be exposed to all this new technology (so they are called) or to be more precise, had only started to 'pay some attention' to this new rages.

Don't get me wrong; I DO use the computer occasionally when I had to pass up assignments, or slide shows to prepare for presentations. In short, I knew how to type, albeit slowly; know how to control the mouse in real slow motion; know how to utilise the Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Powerpoint; besides knowing how to search for information available on the internet, though I often suffered the long, tiring hours of surfing the Net.

When school activities forced me to open an email account, and then a facebook account, (in order to prevent myself from being at the mercy of others to know when there is an activity, which could be inconvenient), I had a very much contradicting reaction/feelings towards them.

There had always been a love-hate relationship between me and my computer; I need it to finish my assignments, and not to mention, it does speed up my work a LOT...yet, there's a 'BUT' hanging in the air...when it goes into an override or a total blackout, all hell broke lose.Is it still any wonder I hate yet love my computer?

The email account was pretty much nothing as there are never anyone who would email me sweet let...ahem emails, and then again, BUT, I find it very convenient to save any unfinished work as drafts whenever I forgot my pendrive. To my utmost delight, I never had to worry about losing my pendrive. Facebook was another thing altogether. It is all very fine to receive latest news or even gossips from all your friends with just a click; however, I find myself attracted to facebook for a very different reason ( I hope you don't think I'm weird)--I simply LOVE the chatting session. Yup, that's right! You see, before I truly discover the real, true power in blogging, I found facebook first, which I realised gave me a space to finally WRITE (yup, WRITE, not VOICE) my thoughts out. Being face to face talking with someone wasn't fun for me; I don't seem to be able to find the same confidence in talking than I can in writing.

Unfortunately, in facebook, you're suppose to be brief, and as you can see now of my blog, I CAN be long-winded, and sometimes too much, and so I decided to try out blogging instead. The rest was history.

I still can't made up my mind about these new technologies ( though I really LOVE blogging), but, I certainly know I don't hate them! They are convenient after all, and you have to give them that credit!

So, what about you?


  1. If you love to write, like me, than Facebook is not the place to be for you. At least not for writing, since nobody has patience to read long messages there. It's good you're here at the blogspot. I love to read your blog!

  2. Thank you for supporting me!
    This had always eluded me: what was it about my blog that attracts you?! I thought I sounds like talking too much, rather than writing it nicely like you do!
    It's real flattering that someone likes my blog! Thank you, Prenter! You just made my day!
    p/s. Do you actually like the post 'Why did it happened'? Did I write something wrong? It is something that I wrote which had affects me I was just wondering if I had been too over the top?


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