Thursday, 14 July 2011

About Me? =)

Hmmm...this is kind of nice...
For your information, I'm a very, VERY new blogger (maybe it shouldn't be, thanks to my sucky, amateurish writing?), so this is all very new to me. And I happened to realized that I had put my blog title as 'My Story', so inappropriate? On a second thought, maybe not~considering how I SHOULD introduce myself first to whoever's reading, if there is even one. *Sigh* Guess it's going to be tough one all right, to attract even one person to read my blog.
*Taking a deep breath* Well, I wanted to become a writer, so, this have to be one real obstacle I have to overcome! *Laughs* I know it would be very, very unprofessional and is a BIG no-no, but, YESSS...I'm practically on my knees begging you all to read my blog!
Ummm...not to mention that I have a chemistry test tomorrow, and I'm blogging here now, instead of studying ( What the hell is wrong with ME?!), and, on top of it all, I'm writing this crappy stuff that is so unuseful to everyone...
That's it. I'm going to stop writing this crappy stuff now, and start researching on some good stuff...So, right now, I'm going to say a BIG thank you to whoever's reading this, and then stop here. A very BAD ending of a blog, but I hope you don't mind! THANK YOU!
p/s: I'm going to write a lot of stories too, because I just LOVE stories, so hope everyone supports it!)


  1. Looking forward to where your blog takes you. Nice start!

  2. Thank you! That really feels good! Ummm...perhaps you might want to read those that are more recent which might be...a little better? Thank you, anyway! You just made my day!


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