Friday, 24 February 2012

100 word free write contest

Fear clawed inside me, and I felt nauseous. My head was spinning, and I wanted desperately to run, but I forced myself to stay. For a delusional moment, I almost convinced myself to flee, and I caught my eyes darting around frantically, searching for escape.
But there was none. Guards stood watchful at exits. I would have been caught immediately, and killed on spot.   
The group of slaves ahead of me grew thinner. Terror bit at the back of my throat, threatening to overwhelm me.
And time moved faster. I was next.
Inside, the lion roared. And everything went black.


For more information, check out this link. However, I'll post out the rules:

Your 100 words should read like the opening of a novel. That means you have just 100 words to hook this round's judges - Christa Allan and Betsy St. Amant - into your story world. It also means you have the opportunity to get feedback from published authors on the opening of your manuscript, which is a pretty awesome.

If you have entered a Go Teen Writers free write contest before, you may NOT resubmit a previous entry.

Your entries are due on Monday, February 27th by 11:59pm Kansas City time. You may email it to me at Stephanie(at) Include your name as you would want it to appear on the website, and no attachments please!
The contest is for those age 21 and under. One entry per person please.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope it's a better job than my previous one...though I'm afraid I didn't really capture the feelings, the tension, tnhe fear that well...

  2. Ooh. Great entry! Leaves me wanting to read more!

  3. in your face, 22 yr olds and above.

    so proud of you, raeann.

    1. Hmmm...did you just say your age?! A woman never reveals her age, remember that...And anyway, 22 and above is NOT old! It is called sophisticated. Mature vs the immature me...

      And thanks! Goradde, I'm proud of you too! p/s. why are you proud of me?! The results not out yet!!! I probably couldn't even make it into the top 20...


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