Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Forgotten Tears

I used to cry.
A lot.
"Crying is bad.
Crying is weak.
Never cry", they say.
And so, I buried
my tears
deep in my heart,
at the back of my mind.
Till I forgot,
and they forgot.
For a moment, I blindly thought,
I was happy
to have no tears.
While in truth,
it was only forgotten
buried too deep.
When finally
it bursts out
like a broken dam.
Like a heavy rain, pelting in relief,
after a long, hot, dry summer.
Deep inside,
I fervently wish
that my tears
will never again
be buried,
or worse, forgotten.
truly unnecessary.

p/s. Ugh!'s a very amateurish poem, but well! I'm in a hurry. I'm going to be pretty busy later, so this might be the last you see me...In the meantime though, I'll try my best to post as much as I can...Anyway, hope you'll enjoy this not-veryy-good poem!


  1. Thanks for the encouragement,gal!

  2. I liked your poem, rush or not. Stopping by from the campaign!!

  3. Hey Traci! Thanks so much!Nice to meet you!;)


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