Saturday, 11 February 2012

What's Love?

Aha! I am totally aware that Valentine's coming around, so as a celebration(unfortunately, it's a celebration from a single, and whose going to stay pretty much so for the next few years...), I thought of writing this post. Ummm...I'm aware it's probably an early one. Very.
And yup, I'm aware that the title above happens to be part of the chorus of the song by Tina Turner. Don't even think of asking me what song is that, because:
1. I've forgotten. I've a bad memory.
2. If you don't know who's Tina Turner or even what songs did she sang, then, you shouldn't be in my world, and this blog at all(sorry if I'm harsh). Hey, I'm the girl who hailes from Jurrassic. And isn't Tina Turner categorized under a very much famous singer. So you definitely should know her, whether or not you're the oldies...
Okay enough of this nonsense.
The truth: I get around to write this post because of a book I've read. Yes, again. I think you should have realized by now that everything I've written here is the result of anything that I could have get my hands on. Or more accurately, laid my eyes on.
So...I read True by Micheal Cordy.
Here's a picture of it:

This book really resonates with me. It questions the way you think of love. Suffice to say, you'll never look at love the same way again.
Whether you're a person who think you've found the one in your life, or a person who think love is fickle, once you read this book, you'll once again question your own firm standings, views or perspectives you'd had of love, that you miught have often had doubts about that you aren't conscious of, because you'd buried it too deep in order to buried your doubts.
These are the thoughts that it had invoked in me:
Why fall in love? Why not fall in love? To not be under love's spell, you can protect yourself...or is that even true? Is to be loved, is the greatest gift you can get? Is to love, the greatest gift you can give? Could you possibly be happier? Could the happiness be short-lived? Does being loved or to love brings more satisfaction and fulfilment?
Does love weakens one, or brings strength to one? Is love a disease to be eradicated or even manipulated to one's on means? Or is love a blessing, that marks the meaning of humanity itself?
And how does one ensure that everyone in love relationships, would stay true to the ethical guidelines...?
I hate to ruin everyone's great plans for Valentines Day, and worse, even ruin the big day for you all...But, sometimes, it's good to have these sentiments on that meaningful day too...It makes you realize that love is not just love, not just a feel good feeling, but something more...They could teach you to not take love for granted and learn to appreciate your loved ones more...
And most of all, it might give your typical annual Valentine's Day a little more something special...
In truth, whether the love in question turns out to be good or evil, it's the humans who're in charge, who make them so. It's up to you. 
Finally, on a different note, wish y'all a Happy Be-early-ed Valentines Day!!!!!!!! 


  1. What's love gotta do, gotta do with it... (Now it's stuck in my head.)

    Anyway... Sounds like an interesting book. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. You're welcome. Though it's probably quite an old book...I found it on the shelves of a local library. =)


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