Sunday, 12 February 2012

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

"Whitney Houston found dead at 48."
The headline screamed at me on Yahoo homepage the firat thing yesterday.(Sorry, I only write about it know; I'd been listening to the radio all day, playing all her songs, in tribute.)
The feeling that hit me was alarmingly familiar.
It was how I felt when the news announced Micheal Jackson's death. (Though, MJ's death probably hit me harder; I thought some people were playing a prank. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about the news announced officially on tv. Anyway, this post isn't about MJ, it's about Whitney Houston, so scrap that.)
It was a mixed feeling of emptiness, shock and sorrow.
Yet, it wasn't a strong, powerful sorrow; just a subtle, but resonating sadness (and emptiness) that another great legendary singer was gone. No more powerful, inspiring songs to make a difference in our lives again.
Shock, because it's seem unbelievable that she would leave like that. So abruptly. No goodbyes. No grand finale that you seem to automatically associated it with legendary singers. (Or was it just me?).
Somehow, it still felt like she's still there, as I listened to her songs. Like somehow, she's not ready to leave just yet. Perhaps the after-effects of the electronic media, that immortalized her.
But it's kinda true. She's not leaving. She has lived on, through her songs. She has immortalized, because of her songs.
It led me thinking.
It's strange somehow that these works of art(songs, stories, drawings, pictures; books, movies, arts, phootgraphs, videos, etc.) has the power of immortalizing. It seems strange that we, as the creators of these works of art, lived on through our works. Our characters, stories, resonate and live on...and so do we. We are recognized, acknowledged, appreciated, and remembered, because of them.
We have immortalized.
Perhaps even more so, through the rapid development and progress marked by the electronic medias.
I felt strangely fulfilled, when I know that someone would still read my blog, my works, long after I'm gone. Like Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare(he too, agreed and acknowledged the power of immortalization yield by works of art, through his Sonnet 18), and more recent ones like Roald Dahl and MJ.
I'm sure Whitney Houston must have felt the same too, up there.
Both MJ and Whitney Houston, no matter the negative news that surround them(drug abuse, child molestation), they have created history, waves of revolution, across the globe, despite different ages, genders, and races. And...we remember them. All of us.
So, fellas, let's inspire others, through ours.
Let's rock it, peeps!


  1. whitney had a long fight with drug addiction. now, she's finally at peace.

  2. Ha! Till now, you're the only one who dared! Thanks gal!


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