Sunday, 5 February 2012

About Tiger Mother

Yesterday's article on the newspaper, "Tiger Mother vs Tiger Mum", caught my eye.
I read it.
It gives the short account of Amy Chua's(the Tiger Mother) life, from another American mother's perspective. It tells of how Amy Chua ruined her life after publishing a book about her strict (and horrifying, to a lot of people) parenting style. Mostly, it talks about the understanding of another parent towards Amy Chua of her efforts.
Yeah, you probably could guess it by now that I'm not going to be one of those who're going to send hate mails to Amy Chua. (No? Well, you know now.)
You probably wonder why I would do such a thing. Especially being a child to a pair of Asian parents as well.
Before I continue, I should make it clear that my mom is no Amy Chua. That's probably why I'm not even made up of half of what's Amy Chua's daughters made of.
Then why?
Amy Chua said, "schools are always trying to make learning fun by having parents do all the work", which I totally agree.
While I'm not going to be efficient, intelligent, interesting, witty, competitive, ambitious, and charismatic, I'm still able to hold my own somewhat, despite it all, because of my mom. I am who I am today, because of my mom. And I must say, I'm quite satisfied, with the exception of occasional improvements here and there. Nobody's going to be totally and forever proud of themselves; that's why there's always room for improvement. So...I'm not proud, and not completely satisfied, but I guess, I'm still good to go, at this stage. Anyway, as I had said earlier, there's always room for improvement, and time of course.
And because of my mom, I could understand Amy Chua.
Her efforts was for the sake of her children. Everything she did, she wanted the best for her children. For such those noble sacrifices that she horrifying could they be?
As a child, I understand and appreciate my mom's efforts.
And therefore, I respect and salute to Amy Chua, the Tiger Mom.   

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