Monday, 1 August 2011

You're beautiful =)

A few years back, I came across to an article in the newspaper. I couldn't exactly remember the title or all of its content, but I remember one thing it did for me: It gave me confidence in myself.

How many times have you been reminded of how lacking you are in appearance? fact, even ads in newspapers repeatedly crushed our self-esteem. So that avoiding magazines like Time magazine, Galaxie, and Vogue magazine, wouldn't even help.

Impossibly 'slim' women, beautiful, sexy, hot, and in anyway desirable, constantly allow us to be consumed by inappropriateness, insecurity and even guilt, even just after a normal bout of scrumptious food. We began to doubt out own attractiveness--we forgot that beauty comes from within.

In fact, do we even realized that some of the ads, all the beautifulness, the impossible gorgeousness is not reality? We had begun to be consumed by pressure from community and even become a slave of our own vanity, to the extent that, even our intelligence, our knowledge, our educated mind , failed to help us determine what is reality and what is fantasy; what is true and what is false.

Below is a youtube link which effectively illustrate this point:

Dove Evolution

At the end of the day, this post probably isn't much, as I too, am constantly insecure and in doubt of myself. But, I hope that this could wake, inspire, motivate and assure women (just as the article I had read did to me), to accept, appreciate and love their weaknesses and also admire and be sure of their own strengths. We, women, should love ourselves. Because...if even ourselves could not achieve that, who will love us? There are too many anorexics today (men including); you don't want to be a statistic.

And remember, 'You're beautiful because God HANDMADE you!'. Why be her/them (unreasonably beautiful women in the ads), if you could be YOU?! Please know that you are always unique, special and beautiful, by being yourself with a heart of gold.


  1. Oh and the video's probably a bit slow...what with all the loading, but anyway, I hope you enjoy it...and get something from it!=D

  2. amen. as long as we know we're loved, we're good to go.

  3. True, true, so very true. Though with all the distraction, temptations, and put downs, it's hard that we do remember that. That's when we get into trouble. Wish all of us luck in fighting them!


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