Thursday, 18 August 2011

Exam's Over...*gasp*

Phew. Finally, exam's over. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn't write a thing anymore. Not to mention, I seem to feel like I had been cut off from the whole world. A bit scary, I have to say. ( About not being able to write, NOT being cut off the world--I could use a break from peer pressure.)

Oh well. I think I'll talk about this one. I have just checked out the blog Fluorishing in Progress, and my, am I shocked to find out that her ideas had been plagarised since November. ( Plagarise means taking credit of people's work for your own.) Why? Pattrick, why? ( Yeah, he's a guy who spell his name with double 't's.)

Somehow, he made me think of the Patrick in Spongebob Squarepants. I'm not siding this guy--unfortunately, he had made a major mistake in stealing a writer's work; clearly, he doesn't know us, that we writers hated most about is someone stealing our work. He had crossed that forbidden a result, he will have to pay for it. He is NOT getting off the hook, apparently.

It reminds me of my first day of school this year. Our teachers apparently had this 'thing' about plagarism. Which, again, reminds me of my high school year. How I used to kind of plagarise. You know, when you kind of get the writer's block, and then there's this reference essay in front of you that becomes more and more tempting every passing moment...While I don't really copy, ( I DO like being creative; as a result, I often spend hours writing an essay, trying to paraphrase the whole thing.) sometimes I get fed up, and just copy some part of it without quoting it. Just a tiny part, mind you That's still stealing. At that time, plagiarising wasn't a big thing in high school  Okay, these are excuses.

Now, I'm happy to say I don't. Plagarise, I mean. Which led me to think, that Pattrick's a sad guy. I'm sorry  Okay, but then again, I'm not sorry. If he'd a mind of what's good (like you DO realize that Fluorishing in Progress blog is real cool), then he should know that what he did is wrong. Seriously, is this guy so insecure about himself that he had to pretend to be like someone, hoping to be liked by others?

Pattrick: Be confident of yourself. Y'know, I used to think that I'm not good enough; what I write sucks. But I refused to be someone else; yes, I wanted to be liked, but not as others--its as myself! And it won't be that bad--hey, I got two followers now, that's not much, but its something! You'd better stop and make amends, because if you don't, all I can say is you're going down.)

(p/s. If I had offended anyone, in particularly, Fluorishing in Progress, I apologized profusely for it. Its just a thought. If you would like it removed, kindly informed me by commenting on my post. Thank you for your cooperation.)

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  1. you mean flourish in progress? i love that girl so much. her posts are srsly hilarious.

    plagiarism is lame especially if you plagiarise someone else's life. unless it's mother teresa's. that's just cool.


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