Wednesday, 3 August 2011


It tasted like a bitter pill.
I felt empty...and forlorn.
I did not make it after all.
My mind told me to be brave, to believe in myself, because nobody would, only me. But that's why it's hard. I'm tired of being brave. For once, I wanted to let go.
For once, I'm tired to act that it's okay, act that I think positively everytime, of any crisis(yes, it's a crisis here!), write a post that's says it'll be fine at the end of the day. Because it will not. It will stay forever in my mind, forever in my life, reminding me of my failure.
...I can whine all I want, and it won't change a thing. In fact, I'll feel worse. Or I can think positively, and do something productive about it.
Yup, life is unfair. When I feel sad, I wished I could make everyone know and care that I'm sad. But, it's my problem, and nobody else, and nobody would care.
Yes, life is unfair indeed.
What about you? Have you felt for a time when you wish you could make that someone suffer because they make you suffer? And yet, you felt horrible and terrible afterwards for that kind of bad thought? Wanna share it?

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