Monday, 8 August 2011

Seeing the bigger picture

During the weekend, I took a peek at this book (shown above). The first few sentence that I read screamed at me:
"Are you as tired as I am of books constantly telling you about doing your best to understand your parents, doing your homework, making curfew, getting a haircut, dropping that hemline, and blah, blah, blah?"
-- Jay McGraw, from the Introduction

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! This book's real COOL. Instead of launching into another boring old long, looong lectures, the author tells me what I want to hear, and what I don't, and suprisingly get it across to, of which some I vehemently agreed...and some somewhat reluctantly. It's true.

How many of us actually like studying?! Zero. Nil. We practically forced ourselves out of our comfy, warm bed every chilly morning, when our brains are screaming to get back, and dragged ourselves to school just to scraped through a half-day of teacher's droning. Not only us, (you have to admit this), even our parents had a fair share of tug-of-war during pre-school and 'debates' during high school. School days are tough. Of course, some of you who absolutely love learning, would deny that, but be sure I'm not one of you!

Let us face the reality though. We HAD to study. Yes, yes, the boring, same old story...our future depends on it. We may fed up with it all, but our future will still depends on it. We don't care about our future?! Let get this straight; we may HATE studying, but for most of us, our future matters!!! Who are we kidding?!

Just like the author said, we HAD to 'get it'; there are rules in this world, whether we like it or not. There's a system in this world that we can never defy. Can't beat them? Join them! It sucks, but its reality. For those of you...not convinced? Read the book. And good luck.

As he had said, you either get it, or you don't. See the big picture? ( By the way, this guy's a genius!!!!!!!)


  1. Jay McGraw is absolutely right about "Can't beat them? Join them!" Learning gives so much more pleasure as soon as you can choose yourself what books you want to read and learn. But until then: join the system.

  2. Yup; hands up on what you're saying!!!!!!
    I don't how many times it had been when I'd hope they would give a test on what I LOVED and had read numeroud times: Narnia, Harry Potter, The Client, etc. There's so many!!!!!!!!!
    Rules in this world's dead, but humans' alive; yet we had to become dead as well...ironic.

  3. true. and oh man do i miss school. while studying i hated it, now i missed it. we just don't know what we want!

  4. Ohhh...I do look forward to that day!Should I be?


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