Sunday, 1 January 2012

Huh?! It's new year already...?

So, yesterday was a last minute shopping in welcome for the new year. (Just in case you needed some reassurances, nope, I've NOT finished my shopping yet.)
My two legs had felt like falling off my body by the time I get back home.
My sister actually realised that it was the last day of 2011, which sadly escaped my totally zonked out brain. She was actually chattering of "Wanna stay up late? There's going to be fireworks!" and I was like "Why even stay up late?! I'm like a zombie already! And I HATE fireworks; they wake me up from a much needed goodnight sleep..."
And today, after waking up on a very late morning, I only realized that today's a brand new year, after reading off the date that's screaming off "1st of January 2012".

Oh dear. Don't even get me sarted on new year resolutions.
Resolutions. *Cringe* Thar's why I hate new years.
They make me feel like a failure.

Oh well. Happy New Year to me. =/


  1. That my dear is why you never make "resolutions"... you are allowed 1goal and a list of things you will not do. Much easier to make it happen that way :-)

  2. lol. You're so right.

    Ahem...I'm thinking about 'upping' e more...what about 0 goal?

    Oops...did I just break my most crucial resolution?!

    I MUST NOT be lazy. I must NOT be lazy. I must NOT be lazy...


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