Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My "thank you speech"

The results to the Flash Fiction contest are finally announced...but, I will leave you to read about it yourself by linking you to the related blogpost below:

Novel Ideas

Sorry for the suspense, and here's my thank you speech:

Special thanks to ElizabethFluorishinginProgress, Kathy, yousotsars!, Ally Sestito (for both following my blog, and hosting such a terrific contest. Yup, her blog is the Novel Ideas!), Gabrielle (CONGRATS Gabrielle! You ARE a great writer! Keep it up!), jacqui, "Alex", Prenter, juliathewritergirl, ohnoa, Becca, whitneysoup, etc. for their continuous moral support, without which I would not have preserve and make it to today.

Sorry and extra thanks to those that I've neglected or forgotten to mention, but always bear in mind that you will always be in my heart and have my utmost gratitude.

Thank you to my family, without them I would not have even make it. Many, many thanks.

Thank you those blogs I followed diligently and faithfully, for they have been the great example and model, and the motivation behind my work. They are ElizabethFluorishinginProgress, Kathy, yousotsars!, Ally Sestito, Gabrielle, and Bridgit (who probably didn't even know of my existence, I'm afraid). But, thanks!

And of course, lots of thanks to my teachers, and BOOKS, and FAMILY, all of whom and which made who I am today.



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    1. Yep. When?
      Oops...I forgot, i don't drink!
      Mind if I substitute wine or champayne or beer or whatever else that's alcoholic with orange juice or even cold milk perhaps...?


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