Sunday, 15 January 2012

Having a voice

Earlier, I checked a blog of a fellow blogger, Kathy, who has been witty, ingenious and absolutely hilarious, and of whom I'd been faithfully following. (She did a project called Gorrade, which consists of photographs shehad taken, plus all those funny and witty comments she wrote with them! You can check it out here.)
She got her own original blog which is like her online journal(you can check it out here), and it was this blog when I finally catched a glimpse of her. The real her.
I couldn't believe my eyes. ( I blinked a few times; turned my head and then flinged it at the screen; goggled at the picture...). Seriously. Don't get me wrong. She's totally cool and kinda pretty. BUT unexpected! Totally different from that image I'd conjured up in my head ever since I read her blog.
Her blog is so witty, and crazy( in a great way of course!) that I never thought she'd looked so sweet. She looked so innocent (and pretty of couse!) that you'd never believed that she could be so michevious on the blog. It just couldn't be her! But it is.
(I always thought I'd be the only one who'd made people fell off their chair, considering the fact that I act like an angel outwardly, but is actually a devil inside. Don't get me wrong, I'm not superficial or fake. I never dared to hurt anyone by saying no or being a devil, but sometimes I feel like hurting them so that I can have a break/ be selfish for my own sake for once...)
I do realize that the above has no wahtsoever relation to the title above, but, it is the above that made me thought about the title.
Lately, I've been reading about fellow teen writers, reading about how to improve my writing skills, while denting my ego a little bit along the way. A lot of people had been advising about having a voice( which I've no idea about. Yup, guilty!).
How to have a voice? When I was young, I'd read too much Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews, so my writing happened to resembled those of them. But, gradually(I'd no idea when), they changed, becoming descriptive instead. Who do they resembled? Anyone, any idea?
Right now, I do realized I'm verging on talking whenever I blog, and if I do story telling it'd be either descriptive, or talking again.
Sometimes, I tried too hard to write like my friends or certain writers. I'd wished so hard that I could be witty and cool like them. But I never could. I'm always verging on being long-winded and over self-indulgent. I'd no idea how to correct it, not even the wiser me now. *Sigh*
In the end, it was Kathy (yup, the cool blogger above) who made me realized that it didn't matter. That I was wrong too.
Who are we to judge people, to classify people through stereotypes? Who are we to tell someone that he/she is who we think he/she is? Who are we to tell someone that they are boring? ( Even if they are, they contributed too; there's a new addition to english vocabulary 'boring' because of them.) Regardless, they are special as they are, and we definitely do not have the right to critique them. Plus, not everyone can be boring!
Conclusion: People are who they are only as they think who they are.
Hence, long-winded, boring, self-indulgent and all, I'm still going to be me, and still unique. It's those traits, even when they're bad, that stood me out from others. That made me special.
What more could I ask for? Right?
p/s. On a happy note, I'm going to relish in the fact that all of you're going to fell off the chair when you finally saw the real me. On a second thought, maybe not. After all, I'm still the boring one. =/


  1. You're not boring at all, silly! This was really sweet. And it's so cool that you found Kathy...she's quite awesome too.

    So, I'm gonna go ahead and leave you some magic dust...just don't use it all in one place.

    1. Thanks jacqui!
      I really fell off my chair when I knew that you actually commented.

  2. i'm so touched. and LOL'd when you said i look innocent. it's true. but sweet, idk. my brother calls me "heartless." :(

    raeann, sometimes you need to stop giving a shit and do whatever you want. be happy being you.

    1. Hhmmm...seeing from your brother's perspective, I could understand why he said that. Your antics are certainly not for the fain-hearted.

      But, seeing how I'm just as crazy too, I think you're fun!! XP

    2. Well...thanks for encouraging me being me when even I don't know if it's a good idea...

      So thanks! =))))

  3. Great post. You're so right about the voices and the example with the picture was the perfect choice. :)

    1. Hi "Alex", thanks!
      You're a great writer yourself (yup, I check out your blog!. Looking forward to reading your blog everyday(if that's possible!)
      I can't describe how happy I am to hear a compliment from a fellow successful blogger who already had 21 followers! Thanks.
      Good luck!


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