Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Never give up?

Forgive me for not writing a post for so long. Sometimes we forget how much our articles can inspire people. Okay, perhaps I'm being a little bit much too vain here, but hey! You never know.
I'm just a little bit much too reflective at this moment, as (guess what I've been doing?!) I've been procastinating by reading articles and blog posts.
I stumbled upon a friend's articles. Not sure if I could call him a friend, but hey, I've met him face-to-facein a few participative events before, and that should count for a friendship? Yes, no? (Honestly, I am not scrambling to get acquainted right here just because I found out he's quite an achieved entrepreneur now....:P)
He had wrote some powerful articles which got me thinking. And blogging.
Eventhough, both our reasons for writing articles are entirely different, but our message is the same: We should keep going. We should keep doing what we love no matter what. We should not give up.
It is funny how easily and often I can keep forgetting why I started blogging in the first place.
Guess that's what made the difference between us.
He's gone on to become an entrepreneurwho had founded a new business venture slowly gaining popularity, and where am I now? Still stuck in my home, watching TV and growing fat.
And despite the fact that I might not inspired anyone, but I hope I inspired myself at least today.
So let's start writing / reaching for our dreams, peeps! Adios!


  1. welcome back to your home (this blog). i was beginning to wonder where the bitches at.

    you should def share this stud you're talking about. for inspiration purposes. teeheehee.

    1. Haaha thanks! Real glad that you're excited that I'm back. But ahem, I might be gone again for a while, coz I'm going to be busy. Again. Why don't it ever exhaust itself?!

      Hmmm...maybe i will. Have to think about it...:P


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