Thursday, 2 August 2012

Song Downloads

In response to Kathy's request, I decided to write a little something that I'd done recently.
So, besides doing the boring stuff of studying, I also love to procastinate by going onto Youtube and downloading songs and short videos from there.
It was actually through a blogger that I'd discovered this singer, Sam Tsui. (Sorry that I don't have a link, but I'll give you the blog address that brought me there:
He's not a spectacular singer, but I'd say he's definitely another fresh voice and talent to add to the range of singing talents that we've today in the entertainment industry. And, honestly, there's a few songs that are arranged brilliantly. Plus, he's not too bad a singer as well. In fact, I'd say he's very good, though I'd heard better ones, of course.
But like I said, he's a new talent that'll bring fresh breath, and so it's worth checking him out.
Oh, and remember to check out his duet with Christina Grimmie-Just A Dream, coz it's really GOOD!
Leave a comment as to whether you enjoy it. And last, enjoy! ;)


  1. 1st of all, this post has a special place in my heart.

    2nd, i knew that sam tsui & christina grimmie sounded familiar. maybe bcuz i've listened to their "just a dream" cover before. to my surprise, christina's album "find me" magically appeared on my music library. ;D

    3rd, if you like covers, check out boyce avenue on youtube. they're great.

    4th, more posts like these pls. ;)

    1. Haha...I already did. Know about Boyce Avenue, I mean. *guilty as sin* ;P
      Glad you enjoyed this post. I'll try my best. :D


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