Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reminiscence-When all else fails, there's hope.

Remember when I told you that I once was often shunned by other peers?
Despite the constant psychological bullying, I never failed to stop keep looking on the bright side.
I was the typical happy-go-lucky girl; nothing seemed to able dampen my spirits.
Everything always looked good to me. I was always happy and satisfied.
Though...I wonder...when has all this gone down to...?
My situation right now had improved greatly, yet I wasn't always satisfied.
I always wanted more...Probably I got what I worked for, and for a moment I felt relief and some pride, but soon, I was unsatisfied.
I wanted more.
Worse, I was often desperate, low in spirit. Like in An end...or a new beginning?
I lose hope.
Of course, once again, books brought a new understanding and teaching to me, bringing me in terms with myself.
And shockingly, that book was The Host by Stephanie Meyer.
It's true, what a man is, if there's no hope in him?
What could be left of him, if even he himself does not believe looks down on himself?
If there's no hope, no one could make it happen.
Here's something I had read somewhere: "When you believe, you're already halfway there."

Lesson no. 2 from The Host: Believe in yourself, and you can do it.

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  1. agreed. girl, stop overthinking and over-analyzing. they're the devil. just do your thing. fortunately, you're going there.

    (on a different note, i suggest you sign up to when you comment on my blog so you can be included in the "top commenters" list. more exposure ;))


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