Thursday, 5 July 2012


One thing about life is the uncertainty.
And it's endless. The uncertainty, I mean. Just when you think that something's finally done, you can get over with it, and <BAM!> another thing quickly comes up, or that the thing you think is done is an unfinished business yet.
And that pretty much sums up my life.
Things just keep moving around me. Fast. I guess it could be a good thing, but I'm just plain exhausted. Most of the time, I just felt like quitting.
Unfortunately, you can't quit in life. Either that, or you're gonna have to suffer. Like in hell for an eternity. Ok, maybe I'm being too sarcastic and using metaphors? Which is weird. But, I'm just too stressed and flustered to care.
In a way, this world is like a hell. So maybe I'm not too far off the mark somehow.
Sometimes, I wonder all the stuff I'm doing is for myself. I mean, sure, I want to be successful. Who wouldn't be? But am I enjoying what I'm doing? I can't say that for sure. There's this one quote that forever kept stuck onto my mind after I read it. Or especially so at this stage of my life.
"You can't be successful if you're not happy."
I certainly can't say I'm happy with what I'm doing now, but then doing what you're happy with doesn't guarantee success either.
I definitely can't deny that the stuff I'm doing right now, however reluctant and unhappy I am doing them, are helping me grow up. But I'm not happy either. It just keeps feeling like I'm forcing myself to do it, and it's just not my best. And the worst part is, it just make it all the much harder.
I loved putting some sort of inspirational advice at the end of the post, because it gives everyone hope, but most importantly, it gives me hope.
But I really can't do it for this post, when everything's just so uncertain.
Maybe you guys can give me the hope instead...


  1. -throws a sack of hope through your window. feel better, cupcake.

    but what are you doing?

  2. Thanks! I know I can count on you, always. :)


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