Saturday, 28 July 2012


Hope is such a magical thing.
I've spent almost two decades of my life, feeling unwanted. Worthless. A nobody.
Yet...I kept believing that one day this would change. It would be better. Hope.
My faith wasn't ever there strong though. At times, I doubt myself, and even more so as the years progressed.
But last night, I felt so special. I felt wanted. I felt...that for once in my life, I was important to someone. That I bring meaning to someone's life.
And it felt good.
Looking back, there was one point in my life that I almost stop believing.
Almost everyday, I thought of killing myself because there's just nothing to live for anymore. There's nothing to believe in.
But there is.
And that is why I never did it.
Because, no matter how bleak it seemed, there's always this tiny piece of hope that I clung on and would never let go.
Because there's always this short, tiny moments of happiness that made it all worthwhile.
And just because it happened before doesn't mean it'll never happen again.
So keep faith. Keep believing. Keep hoping.


  1. get dancing!!!

    1. Will definitely think about it! Thanks...I know I won't ever get lonely with you around! :D


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