Monday, 7 January 2013

Moving out of 2012 into 2013

Obviously, it's 7th January now, so it's not such a new new year now...but still, Happy New Year. And obviously, this year has not been such a happy new year for me, and of course, it is because of year 2012.
To be honest, I never held much good feelings towards new years, but those years hadn't been so...bad. Yea, it's true that they haven't been spectacular as compared to 2012, nor has year 2012 been an absolute flop in contrast...BUT 2012 certainly make me feel like that.
Now that I've begun putting down my jumbled thoughts into more organised words, I realised that it was because 2012 had been such an important year for me. It signaled the year of my supposedly maturity(which I sadly realised I'm not even close), marked the moments of my great achievements (which I failed more times than I succeed), and most importantly, to record the makings of a brand new me. But none of it happened.
Well, to allow myself a tiny space of assurance (guiltily), I did achieve a few, but in the first half of 2012. The second half had been an utter mess. I had allow myself to slack off too much, becoming too sure of myself, which naturally led to complete failure.
Now, in this new year 2013, I can only hope that I'll truly become better this time, and finally stop disappointing my family...

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