Saturday, 24 March 2012

Writing Contest: The Type Of Person Who...

Dana was the type of girl who needed no one. Or so she thought. Until he came.
He was perfect. Godlike. He made her feel whole. Important. Perfect. She never knew love could be such a wonderful thing.
But…it was an illusion. A mistake. She cursed herself. Men could not be trusted. Had she not learned her lesson from her father?
Too late. As she stood forlornly, her knuckles white from gripping the bars, facing the many faces that glared at her, with contempt and judgment, she wished fervently she could turn the clock backwards.
"Dana Smith, you’re accused of murdering Jonathan Walker. Do you plead guilty?"
Sorry that I've been so quiet for a while...*sigh* but those academic readings in uni  are kiiling me!!! I hope I can find back my steps soon, but for now, here's a little contest entry for you to enjoy...Feel free to criticise it, that's what it's here for! ;P


  1. I like what you have here. It opens the scene to questions and the reader wanting the answers will read on.

    1. Thanks! :DDD If it works out, maybe it'll blossom into something more...? ;P

  2. "godlike"

    someone's been playing video games. or that's just me.

    1. lol. Gal, I love it that you make me laugh. :DDD


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