Monday, 7 November 2011

Grace-ing my life

As the years gone by, they went faster.
It seems funny, but it felt like I had started a new school year yesterday. And today was the end of the year.
Weird. Surreal. IS the end of the year. And I'm here, to put on a single sweet note to the end of the paying a tribute to my teachers.
It may seem ridiculous...for the fact that I'd never ever done that for almost all of my years.
Because of one special teacher.
Not that the others were bad. Yes, I'd met unsatisfying teachers...but most were wonderful.
I know you must be wondering, ...then why?
Well, we were a very conventional bunch of people...and we don't express our feelings...that openly.
But, this very teacher showed me that we can be different, and it's still okay. In fact, it makes us feel good.
Miss Grace, you gave me a wonderful gift before you left.
Thank you...
And now here's my gift to you.
And my gift to each and everyone of the teachers who had taught he or she good or bad.
Because you all had chosen to teach, even when we're at our worst moments.
Who're we to criticise you?
I'm sorry...and THANK YOU.

The teachers are...
Mdm. Leela
Mr. Leong
2 Ms. Tan(s)
Mr. Yap
Mr. Yeoh
Ms. Tan
Ms.  Ang
Ms. Goh
Ms. Teoh

Too many. You know who you're. And thank you!
You'll always be on my mind...because you're a part of me.
Your teaching built me as who I am today...and tomorrow.
I am who I am today...because of each and everyone of you.

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  1. aww this is sweet. i'm sure your teachers are proud of you.

    the coolest i met was a gay professor who kicked his table in front of us out of rage. can't forget him ever.


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