Sunday 26 February 2017

Author or writer?

I've always love the word author. Even now.
There seem to have a ring of elegance, majestic and dignity to it.
Writer to me, is just someone who writes.
But an author...I don't more accomplished? More professional? Or simply, to me, just better than being known as a writer.
In my mind then, I known I want to be known as an author not writer.
However, it took me more than two decades to finally explore what is the ultimate difference between writer and author.
It turns out from my google search that my presumption was correct.
But it was sad that I would probably be classified as a writer instead of an author. But hang on a minute, the website says that if you've published an article then you can call yourself an author? Or am I just being delusional?
Oh...and wait, there's another term, blogger.
I guess, in the end my point is, there are simply just many different ways to describe, classify and even stereotype a person.
Ultimately, should a term define us, or do we define ourselves?
Of course, there are going to be various words to describe something, and undeniably, we do need them to express ourselves. Just like how we will still distinguish author from writer.
BUT...maybe we can contend with staying true to ourselves rather than being obsessed with fitting into the labels. We could still work towards the person we want to become, but this should be a fulfilling experience instead of a struggle to be in a better 'category'.
Not to say it is necessarily bad, but perhaps we should enjoy what we do.
Life's too short anyway.

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